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This documentation is provided as is, and in no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this material and instructions.

With that said, we have undertaken a lot of work to try to make this desperate measure as safe as possible. Both the designs and documentation have been put through several iterations to try to optimize clarity, ease of use, safety and reproducibility.

We therefore ask for your help - If you find anything that you object to or think could be improved, please share so that we can continually improve this project!

This project started at the Västmanland Hospital Västerås in the city of Västerås in Sweden. At its core, this documentation is an adaptation of the instructions for use developed in Västerås. Thus, we will not be held responsible for any damages, liability that result from utilization of this document within other contexts.

Please read through the whole documentation as every section contains information pertinent to the safety of use of the product.

Healthcare systems around the world now face an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. Best case scenario, in your healthcare system you will not need this. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that this project is not used. But in the case that your system is already at capacity, we sincerely hope that this project might help bring care to more people who are critically ill.


Jesper Hessius, MD

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